Sometimes we think about our life and we want to change something in it. Who can motivate us better than another man? In the 7th International Festival of Youth Creativity “Folk Inspirations”, in the folk city in Manufaktura, meetings with interesting people are held. Meetings with an authentic Viking, a sculptor, a writer, and a photographer are already over. Their speeches made us  reflect.

Have you ever wondered  what family reunions can  give us? Sometimes they can change our lives. As it was in the case of Janusz Berner, a well-known sculptor and writer who, after meeting his relatives, learned that his ancestors were the Vikings. After this incredible discovery, the artist began identifying himself with historical warriors. Janusz Berner, a 64-year-old author of the book “Vikings-a true story”, is a man with passion.

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It is a beautiful phenomenon when our relatives can teach us their skills. Nicholas Yarets, watching his grandfather who used to make wicker baskets, got  interested in carving in wood. Mr. Nicholas after many years of studying specialized in carving horse statues and religious sculptures. The artist’s daughter is fascinated by his works and is learning how to sculpt.

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Barbara Zytka is a woman who has proved that creativity can do a lot.  Ms. Zytka used to be a school  director and now she  became a writer, and also began to lead the choir. She dedicated her book “Fili and Lelek” to her grandson, because it was his curiosity of the world that prompted her to try her hand at writing.

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After graduating from the Lodz  Film School, Krzysztof Kalinowski discovered that photography was the best form of his artistic way of expressing himself.  Since then, he has been taking photos of  the people and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. As the artist he claims that photography is a permanent artistic challenge for him.

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Four conferences with outstanding characters have provided us with a lot of impressions, but above all, a lot of inspiration. If you have missed our meetings,  do not worry. There are two more  days and two more passionate people. We would like to invite you to take part in the meetings  on Saturday and Sunday at 13:00 and 16:00 to the Animation Zone tent in the Folk City.