The programme of  VII FOLK  INSPIRATION will be based on the realization by the participants of the festival- 10 folk inspirations -a range of artistic and educational activities with audience participation.


  • Concerts on  ETHNO-FOLK STAGE in the Folk City performed by the participants of the festival – dance groups from different countries in the world.
  • Folk dances with the participation of audience on Dance Place – carried out by specialists – instructors and animators.
  • Dance workshops for groups participating in the festival, held
    in the choreography halls in J. Tuwim Youth Centre in Lodz, preparing to record a video in the open-air  museum in Maurzyce.
  • The video “Midsummer Night inspiration”, combining elements of folk tradition of Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian and contemporary dance trends, performed by the participants of the festival in the spaces of the city and the open-air museum in Maurzyce. The video will be produced in collaboration with a production partner company.
  • 55th anniversary Jubilee Concert of the Song and Dance Group POLTEX, which will make it possible to get acquainted with  valuable and intangible national heritage. The concert will be held on ETHNO-FOLK STAGE of Folk City  or in the auditorium of Centre for Promotion of Fashion ASP. The group will present folk dances from many Polish regions: Łowicz, Opoczno, Sieradz, Żywiec, from the mountains, Lublin and many other traditional dances. POLTEX is also there  for the youngest Polish generations, balancing the influence of mass and popular culture, disseminating knowledge about the Polish cultural roots, regional traditions, the richness and diversity of traditional costumes, music and rhythms. Outdoor concert will be directed to audience in different ages by engaging children, youth and adults, using modern multimedia, as well as commitment of foreign guests.
  • “Golden Boat 2017 – choreography” competition for the choreographic groups from different countries and Polish regions on  ETHNO-FOLK STAGE in Folk City and during dance activities in Piotrkowska street.



  • Presentations on ETHNO-FOLK stage of Folk City of young artists inspired by folk music and folklore of different nations: soloists, groups, brass band.
  • Musical experiments, carried out in the EDU-ZONE of Folk City, based on folklore and ethnic rhythms, organized for children and young people from schools in Lodz and the Lodz region.
  • Mini-music concerts in Piotrkowska street (Woonerf, pasages) – a form of invitation for events in the Folk City.



  • Concerts on ETHNO-FOLK stage of Folk City and WYTWÓRNIA club performed by solo singers and vocal groups from different countries of the world and Polish regions, at different age: children, young adults.
  • Performance in EC1 CITY OF CULTURE performed by Intergenerational Choir of 4 Cultures “Dialogue” with soloists and a group, using the repertoire in 4 languages – Polish, Russian, German and Yiddish, enhanced by laser lights show and inspirations of dance soloists.
  • Presentations stage in EDU-ZONE of Folk City for school groups including young people with disabilities.
  • “The Golden Boat 2017 – Vocal” competition for vocal groups and soloists from various countries and Polish regions.



  • Festival procession down Piotrkowska street, preceded by a series of art, music and choreography workshops for the participants. Festive, joyful
    and full of positive energy procession as well as presentations of music and dance. This action will be enriched by animation addressed to the inhabitants of the city and the region, which will contribute to a better understanding of cultural heritage not only Polish, but also many different nations – dance, singing, playing traditional instruments, traditional costumes
    and folk customs.
  • Folk fun with the audience in Piotrowska Street and in other spaces of revitalized Lodz, which will be a form of  invitation to participate in the events in the Folk City.
  • Flashmobs and performative actions of street theater in Piotrkowska Street – presentations of different nations in an interactive form with audience participation.
  • Art workshops in the city-e.g. in the open-air museum of Central Museum of Textiles as a form of invitation to the Folk City.



  • Educational workshops in the EDU-ZONE of  Folk City concerning different cultures and traditions – games, movies, getting to know traditional costumes, customs, rituals and dances, language games. The workshops will be carried out for students of Lodz and the Lodz region.
  • Meeting with people of different cultures and ethnic groups for school groups in the ANIMATION ZONE of Folk City.
  • International performance of “Midsummer Night” on ETHNO-FOLK stage in Folk City, with the participation of dance  and vocal groups from Poland, Belarus and Ukraine combined with light show, based on the multicultural tradition of Midsummer Night. In cooperation with a company that specializes in sound and light shows.
  • Workshops and installation activities in the ANIMATION ZONE of Folk City – the creation of “fern flower” from ice blocks, in  which there will be garlands frozen –garlands characteristic of different cultures. The installation will refer to the rites of Midsummer Night.
  • The evening traditional dance of fun and the fire, throwing wreaths into the water,  street theatre and dance theatre shows in green spaces in Lodz, taken from different cultures and traditions of  “Midsummer Night”.



  • Workshops in the FASHION-ZONE concerning  designing  garments and patterns based on folk motifs of different cultures.
  • Fashion show inspired by folk, presenting the achievements of young fashion designers, inspired by the culture of selected nations of the world organized in the Folk City and Centre for Promotion of Fashion  ASP.
  • Exhibition at the Factory Museum presenting patterns and fabrics designed by young designers gathered around Design Studio in the Youth Centre in Lodz in cooperation with the Student Scientific  Group DESIGNER from Technical University of Lodz.
  • “The Golden Boat 2017 – Design” competition for young designers.



  • Thematic, evening concerts on ETHNO-FOLK stage in the Folk City of invited rock-folk groups and the participants of the festival dedicated to a specific ethnic groups in the world. Concerts enriched
    by a video presentation  and multimedia.
  • Dance characteristic of the culture classes on DANCE PLACE in the Folk City with the participation of the public.
  • Meetings with musicians for youth in the ANIMATION ZONE of Folk City, presentation of musical instruments and workshops; concert enriched by a lecture, film presentation and dance classes characteristic of the culture
    with the participation of the public.



  • Handicraft workshops for students of Lodz and the Lodz region and participants of the festival and the festival audience – residents of the city of Lodz in the HANDICRAFTS ZONE of the Festival City: wickerwork – creating small forms with help of a craftsman; cutouts – decorations, napkins and other folk paper things, Chinese kites – kites creating, the history of kites, flying kites carried out by specialists from China, Belarussian straw – workshops carried out by guests from Belarus, Ukrainian patterns – workshops, creating small ornaments and dolls , weaving on looms, string and yarn ornaments and other handicraft workshops presenting traditional designs, prepared by the participants of the festival from different countries and Polish regions.
  • “One fabric of different cultures” – making fabric on a loom by representatives of festival participants from different countries and students of Lodz. The fabric will be exhibited in the HANDICRAFTS ZONE and will also have a symbolic meaning, representing the idea of the festival.
  • “Patterned fabrics” exhibition in the Folk City designed by  young students- designers and artists, centered around the activities of Design Studio in the  Youth Centre in Lodz. Patterns of fabrics will be inspired by selected traditional cultures of different peoples or ethnic groups in the world. The exhibition will be a form of installation.



  • ” Ethno-faces” – photography activities  in the FOLK-PHOTO ZONE in the  Folk City. Participants of the festival will have photos taken in the costumes inspired by folk, with elements characteristic of  the region or country. Photographs will be used for multimedia presentations presented on ETHNO-FOLK stage, in the EDU-ZONE and ANIMATION ZONE.
  • “Folk-portrait stuck in the frame” artist-photographer activity  with a group of students interested in artistic photography. Outdoor photography with the participants of the festival-representatives of different countries. Photography workshops carried out by professor assistant of Film School in Lodz. The activities will end up with  the exhibition part of the ANIMATION ZONE of  Folk City.
  • “Photo-folk-frame” – taking occasional photographs in the FOLK-PHOTO studio  in the Folk City by the participants and  festival audience. A specially designed frame will be carried out by volunteers.
  • Meeting with a traveller and his photo memories in the ANIMATION ZONE of the Folk City.
  • „Golden Boat  2017 – photo ” – photo competition  for children, youth and adults.



  • Evening film shows concerning “Ethnic Evenings”, which will be held on ETHNO-FOLK stage in the Folk City. FOLK-CINEMA will be located near the Folk City, with screen and hardware to display movies and “seat” for the audience. Videos will be selected from among the available resources of world cinema.
  • Meeting with the chosen actor, director or film producer for young people and adults in the  ANIMATION ZONE concerning inspiration in creating a film image.