Martin Luther King Jr. used to say, “The most invariable and important question of life is: What do you do for others?” Volunteers – people who are committed to their work, whose skills and support are of great help, would probably find many answers to Luther King’s question.

Youth Volunteering Center is focused in its work on cultural volunteering. As volunteers we help in organizing such projects as “International Festival of Youth Creativity Folk Inspiration”, Tedx Piotrkowska Street Conference or Piotrkowska Street Run.

Volunteering is the opportunity to develop oneself,  get to know oneself, one’s  strengths and weaknesses. As a volunteer, you have to learn to work in different areas and with different people. We have to adapt to the needs, take responsibility for what we have decided to do and cope with the pressure of time. We can learn openness  in interpersonal contacts, different kinds of manual skills, sense of responsibility and belief in our abilities.
Youth Press Center operates within Youth Volunteering Center, where young journalists improve their skills under the watchful eye of a mentor. They prepare reports (film, photo and written ones). In addition, during classes they  can check themselves and improve their self-presentation in front of the camera.

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At 15.30 we would like to invite everyone who is interested in being a volunteer to the festival stage, where we will talk about the project ” Cultural Volunteering-United by idea,” and then to the Volunteering Zone in the Folk City, where between 16.00-17.30 we will teach how to create dream catchers within the action ” Get tangled in the volunteering network “.

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